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Продаем коксующийся уголь

6 августа 2019 в 18:34 | 195 | Россия / Новосибирск

Продаем коксующийся уголь Продаем коксующийся уголь Продаем коксующийся уголь

Our company specializes in sale and delivery of coal of the stone brands A, B, T, D, DG, G, SS, K, KO, KS, KZH, GZH, GZH, GZHO, OS, TS and their derivatives carriage norms. Bulk in gondola cars of JSC Russian Railways , Packed and briquetted in containers, in road trains, by order of the customer. In Russia , CIS countries and for export, with customs clearance. With the ability to organize transportation by JSC Russian Railways, its carrier, to organize transshipment and freight of the vessel in the ports of the Far East, Baltic and Black sea. The price depends on the volume and the required quality characteristics. We invite all interested organizations to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Coal directly from the coal mine.

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